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The People
Want Zerlina!

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YouTube Message
from Zerlina


Zerlina’s Priorities to Serve You Right!

  • 100% Public Safety 

  • Help People in Need Gain
    Services & Avoid Crime

  • Fix Flooded Homes

  • Cut Property Taxes

  • Eliminate Grocery Sales Tax

  • Reform Cook County Jail 

  • Improve Cook County Hospital 

  • Improve Cook County Forest Preserves

  • Better Schools & Colleges 

  • Economic Development & Economic Justice

  • Environmental Sustainability 

  • Affordable Housing 

  • Government Contracts for Black-Owned Businesses

  • Better CTA, METRA & PACE Service

  • Safer Bicycling

  • Fix Dangerous Infrastructure 

  • Fix Eisenhower Expressway 

  • Reform Red-Light Ticket Cameras

  • Reform Speed-Ticket Cameras

  • No More Corruption 

  • Term Limits for Politicians

Vote NO On "Bring Home Chicago"

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