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Zerlina’s opponent is a corrupt politician!


In June 2023, she was appointed (not elected) to serve as temporary 1st District Commissioner.


In July, she SLAMMED a $1.4 million property tax increase on everyone in Cook County - - especially families in Bellwood, Broadview, Forest Park, Maywood, Hillside & Westchester.


By RAMMING a $1.4 million tax cut for an undeserving company, she SLAMMED families with $1.4 million HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES - - since somebody has to pay for the tax cut!  About the tax cut:


  • No public hearing for why the tax cut was needed

  • No compliance with government regulations with the company not submitting required documents

  • Not legal since the company has illegal operations & can't  receive government aid

  • No agreement from company to create new jobs equal to/greater than $1.4 million tax cut

  • No reason for the tax cut - - the company makes $25 million annual sales & refuses to pay a $190,000 property tax bill. 


The time is now Cook County to rid the Commissioners Board of  CORRUPT politics!

Support Zerlina for 1st District Commissioner. 

Get involved!

Too see the latest on my opponent
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