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Zerlina’s opponent is Tara Stamps -- a corrupt politician!


In June 2023, Tara was appointed (not elected) to serve as temporary 1st District Commissioner.


In July, Tara SLAMMED a $1.4 million property tax increase on everyone in Cook County - - especially families in Bellwood, Broadview, Forest Park, Maywood, Hillside & Westchester.


By RAMMING a $1.4 million tax cut for an undeserving company, Tara SLAMMED families with $1.4 million HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES - - since somebody has to pay for the tax cut!  About the tax cut:


  • No public hearing for why the tax cut was needed

  • No compliance with government regulations with the company not submitting required documents

  • Not legal since the company has illegal operations & can't  receive government aid

  • No agreement from company to create new jobs equal to/greater than $1.4 million tax cut

  • No reason for the tax cut - - the company makes $25 million annual sales & refuses to pay a $190,000 property tax bill. 


Tara Stamps is CORRUPT.

Support Zerlina for 1st District Commissioner. 

Get involved!

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