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1 Public Safety for Everyone


YOUR SAFETY is Zerlina’s highest priority.


She will WORK tirelessly with families, community leaders, Cook County Sheriff, Chicago Police, village police, social services & government officials to prevent crimes.


She will HELP residents in need get essential services & avoid criminal activity.


She will DEMAND law enforcement by the Cook County State’s Attorney to keep you safe from violent offenders.

2 Help People in Need to Gain Services & Avoid Crime


Zerlina will SOLVE the causes of crime.  Today’s politicians have failed to do this.  Crime has gotten worse!

Zerlina WANTS $100 million government funds to STOP Cook County’s

opioid-overdose deaths, which broke a new record in 2022.

Zerlina WANTS $100 million government funds to PAY hourly wages to low-income residents if they enroll in job training, vocational training or educational advancement programs.

Zerlina WANTS TO INCENTIVIZE people in need to gain constructive careers, avoid criminal activities & overcome illegal substance addictions, in order to reduce the power of violent criminals who deal illegal drugs.

3 Fix Flooded & Damaged Homes

Click here to apply for U.S. FEMA relief for damaged homes from storms: June 29 - July 2, 2023.  Deadline to apply: Monday, October 16 at 11:59 pm.  Contact Zerlina for assistance.


Zerlina supports $50 million additional Cook County government funds to fix devastated homes.  We can't leave anyone behind!


4 Better Services for Seniors, Veterans & People with Disabilities


5 Better Cook County Schools & Colleges


Zerlina will IMPROVE our Chicago Public Schools & Proviso Township Schools.


Zerlina will GAIN state funds for our schools, so property taxes can be lower for all families.


Zerlina will GAIN free health clinics at all 1st District high schools, providing free physical & mental health services to all high school children & families.

6 Better Cook County Forest Preserves & Bicycling


Zerlina will IMPROVE our 69,000 acres of natural areas & open space with biological diversity, native forests & more.


Zerlina will IMPROVE recreation activities at the picnic groves, lakes/ponds, youth camps, aquatic centers, golf facilities & hiking trails.


Zerlina will IMPROVE bicycling: Safe bicycling to all high schools, fix dangerous parts of Prairie Path in Hillside/Bellwood/Maywood and extend the Path east to the CTA Blue Line Forest Park Station.

7 Freeze & Reduce Property Taxes & Sales Taxes


Zerlina WANTS TO FREEZE Cook County property taxes! Taxes are too high! Families can't be forced out of their homes.


Zerlina WANTS TO ELIMINATE today’s 10.25% Cook County & Illinois sales tax on groceries.  Grocery costs are too high!

8 Reform the Cook County Jail to Prevent Repeat Crimes & Give Humane Services to Offenders


Zerlina will REFORM our jails to ensure that offenders are given mental health, physical health & vocational/educational training to move their lives forward.


Zerlina will TRANSFORM our jails from places of punishment to places of PERSONAL RENEWAL for those who broke the law & deserve a second chance.

9  Improve Cook County Hospital & Medical Clinics


Zerlina will IMPROVE our hospital & medical clinics: No waiting, more mental health services & always free.


Zerlina will FIGHT for free Medicare health services for everyone!  We need affordable health care - - not driven by profits only & services denied.


10 Economic Development, Economic Justice, Affordable Housing & Environmental Sustainability


Zerlina will HELP businesses solve challenges, expand operations & create jobs.


Zerlina will BRING new financial investment to the 1st District, especially for Maywood & Chicago’s Garfield Park community that don’t have grocery stores.


Zerlina will CUT housing costs & apartment rents by CUTTING Cook County property taxes.  Property taxes are the biggest obstacle to affordable housing.


Zerlina will CALL for full environmental sustainability by Cook County government, residents & businesses: Recycling, less garbage dumped in landfills, energy efficiency & solar panels.

11 More Cook County Government Contracts to Black-Owned Businesses & Women-Owned Businesses


Zerlina will DEMAND 30% (at least) Cook County government contracts go to Black-owned businesses, especially businesses in the 1st District.


Zerlina will DEMAND 10% (at least) Cook County government contracts go to Women-owned businesses, especially businesses in the 1st District.


Zerlina will ASSIST Black-owned, Women-owned, Veteran-owned & Disabled-owned businesses to start up, gain financing & gain government contracts.

12 Better Public Transit, Fix Dangerous Infrastructure Conditions & Fix the Eisenhower Expressway Responsibly


Zerlina will IMPROVE today’s insufficient CTA, METRA & PACE rail & bus services in the 1st District:


*Restore CTA Lake St. Bus

*Build CTA Green Line Station at Western/Lake

*Fix CTA Blue Line Railtracks & Stations

*Improve METRA Kedzie Station for people with disabilities & add weekend hours

*Build METRA Cicero Station for Westside economic development

*Improve PACE buses with express service & on-time performance.


Zerlina will FIX today’s dangerous infrastructure conditions in the 1st District:


*Finally fix the Lake St. “Death Columns” from Laramie Ave. to Western Ave.

*Build a 1st Ave. Bridge in Maywood over the railroad tracks

*Improve roads, bridges, streetlights, sidewalks & sewers.


Zerlina will PREVENT billions of taxes being wasted on the proposed $3 billion Eisenhower Expressway Renovation.  Instead, taxes must be prioritized to improve CTA/METRA/PACE public transit services.

13 Reform the Unfair Red-Light Ticket Cameras & Speed-Ticket Cameras


Zerlina WANTS “advance-warning signs” for all cameras.  Drivers must be notified in advance to avoid tickets.


Zerlina WANTS “uniform street markings” for the red-light cameras.  Drivers must know where to stop & how to avoid tickets when making right-turns at red-lights.


Zerlina will DEMAND government investigations & prosecutions of camera companies who gave illegal cash bribes to Cook County politicians.

14 Stop the Corruption by Current 1st District Commissioner Tara Stamps


Zerlina will REVERSE a $1.4 million property tax cut that Tara gave to an undeserving company. 


Tara enriched this company - - and punished Cook County families with $1.4 million higher property taxes to make up the tax cut difference.


Tara's conduct is outrageous: No public hearings for the tax cut.  No government compliance.  No job creation equal to/greater than the tax cut.  No law enforcement with the undeserving company breaking village safety laws daily.


Worst, Tara lied to Cook County families about the tax cut proposal, then rammed its passage 10 days later.  It's time for change!  Vote for Zerlina!

15 Term Limits for Politicians to End Today's Constant Government Corruption


Zerlina will STOP today’s government corruption in Cook County & beyond.


If U.S. Presidents Barack Obama & Ronald Reagan were restricted to 2 terms (8 years maximum),  the same 2 term-limits are enough for all Illinois/Cook County politicians.

If you want a better life in Cook County & Chicago, support Zerlina for 1st District Commissioner.  Get involved now!

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