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What Makes Me the Best Candidate?

We must represent all the residents of Cook County and not just special interest groups. Cook County residents deserve to have their voices heard and be represented by leaders who are seasoned in their community, as well as sensitive to their issues. 


There is no other candidate in this race that has more experience, has been more dedicated to the community, or has had as many years serving local organizations in so many areas, as myself.

I can contribute to the management of this growth. The strategic plan of the County Board is well established and we need commissioners who are committed to working as a team to bring this vision to life.

I believe I am the best candidate for this position because of my background as well as my work on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion around the state. I am running for Cook County Board 1st District because Cook County is my home and I bring a fresh, new perspective with a wide range of personal and professional experiences that will contribute greatly to the growth of our County.

I will be diligent in making sure our Cook County will continue to be thriving while continuing to be an affordable, safe, welcoming and livable County for all its residents, where all are welcome.

Who Am I?

Zerlina is your caring & dedicated neighbor in Cook County’s 1st District, which includes Chicago’s Westside and West Suburbs. Click for 1st District info.


Zerlina is a longtime resident of Chicago’s South Austin community.  She is president of Quincy Strong Block Club.


As the mother of Cherish together with her husband Antoine, Zerlina wants a better life for you, your family and everyone.


Professionally, Zerlina is the Victim Services Coordinator for Together Chicago, a non-profit agency that helps victims of crime and people in need who live in the Garfield Park and Austin communities.  With great compassion, Zerlina helps these people gain essential services to overcome their difficult challenges.


Personally, Zerlina is a founding member of the Good Neighbors Campaign (part of Westside Health Authority), a member of The Leaders Network, former secretary of Columbus Park Advisory Council, former chair of Saucedo Scholastic Academy Local School Council and a violence prevention specialist to create neighborhood safety strategies.


Zerlina will fight the fight for you! 

Zerlina’s Grandma Cora Smith is her inspiration to serve others.  Grandma Cora organized CHA housing residents to fight for fair resources & social justice.  With the love and wisdom that Zerlina gained from her Grandma, Zerlina is ready to serve and help everyone in Cook County's 1st District.

Support Zerlina for your 1st District Commissioner.  Get involved!

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