Zerlina gets over twice the number of signatures necessary to get on the ballot!

TeamSmith got an early Christmas present when  Charles Holiday of the Board Elections announced on December 24 that Zerlina Smith had gotten 961 valid signatures on her nominating petitions, more than 488 over the required minimum to appear on the ballot.

Holiday did not even finish going over all of the petitions saying that,”Continuing the record examination will only put the candidate further over the [required] minimum”. A copy of the official document can be downloaded HERE.

Zerlina Smith volunteersZerlina Smith with some of her campaign volunteers

Earlier in December, a 29th ward resident named Marjorie Fields had challenged the signatures of Zerlina and 6 other candidates in what Austin Talks called “carbon copies of one another.” All of Zerlina Smith’s signatures were challenged.

Fields was mysteriously unavailable for comment, but it didn’t take long to figure out that Michael Kasper, Rahm Emanuel’s election law lawyer, was behind the challenges in the 29th Ward.

According to Kasper’s official biography:

Mr. Kasper is a faculty member at Northwestern University School of Law, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and at The John Marshall School of Law, where he teaches courses on Voting Rights & Elections and Legislative Process to second and third year law students.

As a graduate of the prestigious Northwestern School of Law and a law professor, he no doubt has an extensive personal law library. But with such an impressive law background, how is it that he doesn’t know a damned thing about justice?

And he teaches voting rights?

Making carbon copy challenges against candidates with limited financial resources is an attack on freedom of choice and democracy itself. It’s not practicng law; it’s social pathology. But of course Mr. Kasper did not do this on his own. He’s a tool of Rahm Emanuel and the powerful financial interests who only see Chicago as a playground for the wealthy and privileged.

But the residents of the 29th Ward were not intimidated and rallied by signing sworn affidates that they had indeed signed those petitions. Across the city other candidates and their supporters are fighting back against similar attacks.

The working class people of Chicago have a right to remake this city for the benefit of all its people. We want family supporting  jobs, responsible businesses, good schools, safe neighborhoods, reliable transportation, clean parks, honest government and a future for our children.

Lets make sure we get to the polls on February 24th and send a powerful message.

Enough is enough.

Vote Zerlina Smith

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Author: Quincy

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